Friday, July 27, 2018

When I was younger, I preferred large shoulder bags and basically would try to carry my life belongings along with it. But as I got older, that shoulder of mine started to reject the idea of hard labor on a daily basis. Naturally as years progressed I've opted for more petite bag options. Usually big enough to carry the basics like my phone, a lipstick, pair of sunglasses depending on the time of the day, maybe a small bottle of perfume, and of course my wallet. 

Given the list isn't the shortest, I had to be smart about the space capacity each item occupied. Which meant I had to size down my full sized long wallet and ventured out for some alternative selections. 

The options were minimal, most of the time I had to go for a money clip or a card holder which was frustrating because it barely held anything. 

But recent years, various brands had heard our cry of help and decided to cater to our needs ! Yay! 

My closest-to-date purchase is from Chloe. It's an mini envelope design with TWO compartments (notice the emphasis on 2 ? lol)  and even though it's small and dainty it fits everything ! LOVE ! 

Of course what I love may not be what others prefers, and that's why I've selected additional 4 options below!

Which of these would you use ? 


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