Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.

Friday, June 19, 2020

This week has been a heavy one. My 11 years old cat Sky (picture below), who my husband and I found on the streets of Shanghai when he was just a kitten, went through some ups and downs for his check-up. 

You see, he has chronic kidney disease. A result of both kidneys being obstructed 3 years ago (no warning, just happened). With the help of the amazing doctors at the VCA West LA and going under 2 surgeries, he miraculously prevailed. But now his kidneys function through the connecting subs, and it's simply a condition I have to help maintain daily. 

We've kept him on sub-q fluids daily since, and also some supplements to help maintain. But for some reason, his creatinine increased to a 9 from a 4 last Friday (a normal should be a 2). After a week of monitoring and some additional visits to the hospital, as of this morning, his creatinine came back down to a 5.

He's now back at home. Not necessarily his 100% yet. But that knot in my stomach slightly loosened for the first time knowing his stats have headed back the right direction ... 

So this week, I'm just grateful. For everything

From the small things like simply being able to sit outside in our backyard with him. To the big things, like having an amazing group of staff at the hospital that also adores him to help him. I never expected any of this but I'm sure as hell appreciative of it. 

It's important to remember, even when in the most stressful times, to not overlook the wins. 

Remind yourself to pause and adjust your mindset to the + side. And continue to strive for the positive.  
Much love 

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