Grateful Fridays: Book of the Month

Friday, July 17, 2020

There are several things that I've picked back up ever since the quarantine. 

First, my habit of journaling. That literally went out the window when technology started dominating my life and blogging was my source of noting down my daily events. But this new found bliss in writing it down the old school way has definitely helped me stay sane during this pandemic. 

(Here's the link to the journal I'm currently using 😊 :

Second, having so much more time cause I'm no longer just sitting in traffic, freed up a lot of hours for reading! I have a kindle and was taking advantage of that. But I often struggle to decide on something to read or fail to venture out on new material. 

Then I thought to myself: I wonder if there's some online book club that I can join to help broaden my reading world a bit? 

And that's when I stumbled on Book of the Month

A subscription service, where they will introduce 5 new books monthly and you get to choose 1 (or all 5 if you'd like), and have it shipped right to your door 💖

Oh how I love the internet and delivery service 😌

And no, this isn't sponsored. I paid the full price on my subscription. I'm just nerding out and excited and wanted to share! 

If you're an eager reader like me, feel free to check them out too! 

Happy Friday! Stay safe! 

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