Monday Fitspo 01/11/2021

Monday, January 11, 2021


Happy New Year! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE despite all the challenges we're facing. 
I do believe, even though individually we can't change the world, 
but if everyone did their small part, 
as a whole it makes a HUGE difference. 
Given the current climate with the pandemic, I've decided to make it a norm, 
and include a face mask in my outfit inspo. 
This negative connotation we have against it is quite baffling to me. 
And I hope styling it and showcasing how it can look good with your outfits, 
will help take away the negativity that's somehow became attached to it. 
So here's a winter casual fit paired with a matching face mask and some awesome mask chains to go along with it! 💕

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