Disneyland vlogs pt 1 & 2 !

Saturday, June 26, 2021


It's been a minute since I've posted.
I apologize for being MIA but lots been happening at home. 
Mainly, it's our sweet girl Jellybean. She was diagnosed with a cancer oral mass a month ago. 
Went in for regular dental work but end up finding a mass. 
It grew so quick but thankfully as of last Weds, the surgeon was able to remove the bulk of it. 
Now, we're pending further treatments through radiation and medication. 
So bear with me if posts seem inconsistent. When things are happening with my fur babies, I honestly can't get myself to focus on anything else but them. 
And as always thank you for the support. 

Although late but here's my vlogs for our 2 day Disneyland visit. 
We luckily were able to go before June 15th so was able to enjoy the 25% capacity. 
And also was able to visit the Avengers Campus day 2 of it's opening. 
Hope you enjoy the video! 

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