Timeless With New Balance

Thursday, November 18, 2021

I'm a true through-and-through 90s kid. 
And the fact that 90s trends been making a comeback has been a blast for me 💕

Growing up I've never been into sneakers, I'm short, and I preferred heels. 
That is, until, I saw one of my fav Japanese Idol KimuTaku daunting a pair of New Balance, it changed my trajectory.

It was tough to get my hands on a pair in Hong Kong back then. Since it became quite popular amongst the fashion forward individuals. But luckily, while visiting Tokyo for my graduating trip, I was able to find THE pair I wanted:

Of course, that first pair has since been retired. And over the years, I've tested the grounds with a variety of colors. As I still think they are the best sneakers to dress up with. 

I do think, New Balance isn't given enough credit for their versatility within the Fashion / Style community. So here I am, giving credit where credit's due 😉

Here Wearing:

Do you have a fav pair of New Balance style?

With the holidays around the corner, they're also doing some great promos: 
11/8-11/12 Added 20% Select Styles USE CODE: FEAST
11/15-11/17 Up to 30% off Select Apparel 
11/18-11/21 Last Chance for Early Access for Loyalty Members - up to 25% off Select Styles 
11/22-11/25 Up to 25% off Select Styles 

So make sure to, check out newbalance.com & their other styles like: 

Happy Shopping! 
Much Love 

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