Shop Haul: Chanel Two-Toned (Or One-Toned) Slingback

Monday, January 21, 2019

Any women that loves Fashion often loves Chanel.

Chanel is well known for it's timeless pieces and amongst the vast brilliance one of the classic must-haves definitely goes to the Two-Toned Slingback shoes that Coco Chanel herself first designed back in the late 50s. 💛

The better known version and most sought after pair is definitely the black and tan color combo. However, my personal style never quite matched up to it. As much as I wanted it, everytime I tried it on it just didn't look quite right. Maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough ? lol 😝

Yet maybe mighty spirit of Madame Coco finally heard my desires...

This beautiful season Chanel released an updated version using lizard skin and the black on black gave it a delicious saturated dark tone.

Finally I was able to make the purchase! 😊

And just as Coco promised, the shoe was comfortable yet flattering. The heel was sturdy and at a perfect all day wear height. The shape of the shoe makes your feet looks slim and shorter accentuating a classic lady elegance.  Even though girly in style,  the versatile design you can wear with even denim and still works!

All I can say is simply: "Love! Love! Love!"

For those who are considering these heels I def highly recommend ~! But do try them on cause slingback can be tricky, if the size isn't right the back straps can slip off constantly while walking...

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week ahead!


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