#TheoLoGi - Our Wedding

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Honestly, I never meant to neglect my blog but it's been a crazy 3 months of 2020. I'm sure everyone is going through some rough times especially with the current Coronavirus situation.

So you can imagine, how much stress I was under when I'm trying to finalize my wedding amidst it all. 😓 Literally, every week guest count would change as friends and family become more and more worried. And I don't blame them.

In the end, our total number of guests decreased by 50%. But I promised myself I wouldn't freak over something that was utterly out of my own control. Instead, I focused on the guests that are still attending and made sure everyone was well taken care of and that we will make the most out of this trip 💖

I feel so so so blessed and lucky that our wedding even happened, cause as of today 3/25/2020, just a week and a half after our wedding on 3/14/2020, the resort announced they are closing their doors till mid-April due to the prevention of the virus as well.

So here's a video that our dearest friend Davis put together on some behind the scenes throughout the weekend & some preview pictures of what our photographer captured as well. Cheers to all my family and friends that made this weekend so so special! We had a blast and the memory of it is making this self-quarantine much more tolerable 🙈

Until we meet again (hopefully soon than later)!

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