Quarantine and My Thoughts

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

This isn't the usual posting, but lately, nothing has been usual. With the current worldwide pandemic, a lot of us have had to retreat and face ourselves in a way we never did before.

I find myself, more than ever, grateful for even the smallest everyday things. Cause let's face it, if staying at home is the worst-case scenario, we're considered very lucky.

During this quarantine, I picked up a habit that I've forgotten for decades and thought I'd give it another go. I think this abandonment started with blogging since I was able to put all my writing in digital form.

But as the years moved on, blogging became very specific. I was confined to a niche cause that was what everyone did. But yet, the more I did that the further it felt from being authentic.

I'm multiple things, and much more than just the outfits I style. And I missed the more natural days of blogging when I could just jump on and shared what I wanted for that day. Be it fashion, beauty, or just random ramblings like this one.

So journaling for 5 mins a day has been a great refresher.

With everyone struggling with this quarantine, some more than others, I thought I'd share this thought with you and maybe inspire you to pick up something you've once love but had since let go. 

This quarantine isn't a choice, but how we experience it is. As cliche as it may sound. But cliche often runs true. 😏

Wishing everyone a wonderful week. 
Until my next ramble 😉

Much love 

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