Better Together

Monday, June 01, 2020

I had an outfit post ready to go for days. But with everything that's been going on around me, I just didn't think it was the right subject to share. 

Instead, I just want to say the following:

I believe we are better together. 
I believe that the current system needs to be made just. 
However, I also believe that change needs to happen but not built on the backs of other's livelihoods. 

It's not just "black and white", literally and figuratively. There are many grey areas which make it that much more important to understand, that unfortunately, change won't happen overnight. 

Let's channel our anger for the unjust into energy for bettering ourselves and in result bringing change in everyday life. Let's continue to step forward with the right narrative and don't let the negative steer away from the beautiful work so many brothers and sisters has set into motion.

Stay Safe. 
With Love. 

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