7 Black Owned Fashion & Jewelry Brands For the Minimalist Look

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

This week, like many, I'm choosing to not self promote. But instead, put the spotlight where it's needed most.

As those who personally know me knows how OCD I am. So in return, it has made me very careful about what information I put out. And with the current matters on hand, I really don't feel like I'm educated enough to inject my opinions. I chose to educate myself during these few days, and also research to gather more information within and outside my professional field. 

Since this is a Fashion / Lifestyle focused blog, I thought instead of putting out an argumentative statement like so many people are doing right now. I just want to share some brilliance in the world of black female entrepreneurs. 

I realized how blindly we shop sometimes and not think about where products are coming from. You'd think with the internet and its offer of vast information at the tip of our fingers, we'd be a little more conscious. But it seems like we've only gotten lazier ... 

So I did some light digging, and as expected, so many gorgeous brands created by beautiful and strong black female bosses literally right there when I hit the search button! 

Sticking true to my style, below are 7 minimalist style brands that I simply discovered by being proactive. 

I hope you will enjoy discovering alternative brands to the mainstream ones as much as I did. 

Stay Safe. 

Much love 

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