2020 Blogging Schedule Update

Monday, June 08, 2020

2020 has definitely been eventful, to say the least. 

On one hand, I celebrated with my family and friends and very luckily got married right before the quarantine lockdown. Yet, on the other hand, I spent close to half a year at home. With so much indoor time, I tried to maintain my focus with various creative outlets. Be it Instagram (gigil4m & styledbygl4m), or lately the infamous TikTok as well. 

But it also made me realize that I could and should push that creativity onto my blog as well. 

I've been seeing weekly new follows through Bloglovin' and it's definitely fueling the motivation. Also, shout out to everyone that's new to my virtual space, and thank you for the interest! 

I wanted to provide more content here so starting today my weekly scheduled posts will consist of the following: 

This content is probably what most of my readers have been used to seeing. Weekly styled outfits with shoppable links for OOTD ideas. So now it will be continued on Mondays. 😘

I'm a HUGE online shopper and I love a good deal! So why not share it with everyone right? Plus by Wednesday we all need some retail therapy for a mid-week break from work 😜  ! Every week, I will feature a specific store with the-day-of sale finds. Also, include any additional discount code and cashback opportunities if available. 

Fridays, I want to keep the content a little more fluid. Focus on sharing from things that inspire me, how-tos, and even just thoughts of mine to help me, and hopefully, also help you refresh and start the weekend on positivity. 😊

Once again thank you for the follow and motivating me to keep writing, especially during these unprecedented times. Sending much love!


P.S. Since today is Monday, the Fitspo post will be served shortly! 😙

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